February 10th, 2015


Music of Mongolia - Khusugtun

It's been a long while since I did a music post. And I've totally left the 1001 Albums project behind. Whilst wandering around the world of subreddits, I stumbled across this gem.

Khusugtun is a Mongolian folk music group/band - Whilst most repertoire retains lots of traditional folk elements such as throat singing and instruments, there seems to be some bluesy and rock influences.

Here's a more traditional piece...Batzorig Chinggis khaan (I'm guessing it's a song about Genghis Khan)

The main instrument is a bowed two-string Morin Khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур; English: Horse-head fiddle; Chinese: Matouqin) which is the national symbol of Mongolia.


The other instruments are likely SATB versions of the Morin Khuur (will need to check) and a Tovshuur (two-string lute from Western Mongolia - Altai and Tuvan tribes), drum and a Yatga (Zither, Guzheng)