Music of Mongolia - Khusugtun

It's been a long while since I did a music post. And I've totally left the 1001 Albums project behind. Whilst wandering around the world of subreddits, I stumbled across this gem.

Khusugtun is a Mongolian folk music group/band - Whilst most repertoire retains lots of traditional folk elements such as throat singing and instruments, there seems to be some bluesy and rock influences.

Here's a more traditional piece...Batzorig Chinggis khaan (I'm guessing it's a song about Genghis Khan)

The main instrument is a bowed two-string Morin Khuur (Mongolian: морин хуур; English: Horse-head fiddle; Chinese: Matouqin) which is the national symbol of Mongolia.


The other instruments are likely SATB versions of the Morin Khuur (will need to check) and a Tovshuur (two-string lute from Western Mongolia - Altai and Tuvan tribes), drum and a Yatga (Zither, Guzheng)



Motorcycle Diaries


Why do we ride? The thrill? The excitement? Everyone will have their own reasons, and they will be as varied as there are riders.

For me, it is about living in that moment, where your senses are heightened. The wind in your face, the scents and smells as the world goes by. I feel alive. A most spiritual and enlightening experience. One doesn't even need to go fast - I am happy chugging along at 40km/h. Just me, my ride and the open road.

I recall all the wonderful memories that came before I decided to finally get my Class 2b licence - on ATVs, Scramblers and Scooters in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia (all South East Asian countries) and wondered why I didn't do so earlier. Perhaps it was my guardian angel telling me that I needed to do a little growing up first. I can so imagine a younger version of myself doing crazy and risky things. Like those off-roading days in Peranggang... He can only fly so fast...

But there is also another reason. One that will remain between me, Haldir and Paddington. Anyways... will need to do a proper photoshoot for Haldir, with proper surroundings instead of this impromptu one. Hmm.. any suggestions? Upper Seletar reservoir? Taman Jurong?

Haldir    Haldir

Haldir    Haldir


2014 - A Year in Travel

Thank goodness for Flickr and the Cloud ...

April - Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran جمهوری اسلامی ایران 2014


Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque

June - Birthday in Sri Lanka

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


September - Return to Vietnam

Socialist Republic of Vietnam Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam

Return to Vietnam-4

December - My Motorcycle Diaries (Lake Toba)

Republik Indonesia Danau Toba Sumatera

On top of the world

Motorcycle Diaries. The road up to Tele is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. The weather was perfect too - sunny yet cool and crisp air. Sigh.. I miss it already. More photos http://goo.gl/oT0SKl  #motorcyclediaries #motorcycle #laketoba #danautoba #i

Lake Toba day 1-3

Onward to more adventures in 2015!